10 Best Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

eco-friendly kitchen appliances

Recently, we have experienced some of the most troubling times, thus the need for sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen appliances. As our planet and its resources are in danger, we must protect and preserve them to the best of our ability! 

Hence, most global organizations and corporations are moving toward sustainable kitchen appliances and other eco-friendly alternatives.

You can also make our planet a greener, better place for us and future generations to live. The only thing you need is a big heart, a genuine willingness, and some awareness to move towards eco-friendly kitchen appliances. 

With the variety of options available today, switching to energy-efficient kitchen appliances has never been easier. 

Whether you’re looking for products to keep your kitchen clean, or you want to ensure all your cooking appliances have the lowest carbon footprint possible, you’re sure to find it here.

According to the New York electricity rate, a 4-quart air fryer consumes about 1,500 watts of power and costs about 25 cents per hour to run. 

Traditional electric ovens are 50% less efficient than this. Therefore, this simple swap to green kitchen appliances is great for both the environment and your wallet.

Top Benefits of UsingSustainable and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

sustainable kitchen appliances

You may feel hesitant to switch out old appliances for kitchen appliances for a sustainable home, but there are many great reasons to do so. Let’s take a look at some of them!

  • Green kitchen appliances help you save energy

If you replace an outdated, energy-hogging appliance with an energy-efficient one, you can reduce your energy consumption by 10 to 50 percent. 

If you’re looking for sustainable appliances, look for certified ones, and those that use a smaller amount of energy. They help reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Eco-friendly kitchen appliances help you save water 

Our most precious resource can go down the drain when we use appliances that use water such as dishwashers and washing machines. 

You should also look for third-party certifications, which take water use into account along with electricity.

  • Energy-efficient kitchen appliances reduce food waste

There is a global problem of food wastage. Every year, roughly a third of the food we produce goes to waste. Your waste can be turned into nutrient-rich dirt using kitchen appliances like an electric composter.

  • Eco-conscious kitchen appliances help you save money

Saving energy is one of the best benefits of switching to energy-saving kitchen appliances. Investing in sustainable appliances may cost more upfront, but you’ll save on your energy and water bills over time.

Top 10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

eco-friendly kitchen appliances

Here are the best eco-friendly kitchen appliances that can ensure eco-friendly living and environmental sustainability.

1. Electric kettle

An electric kettle is the best choice, as they’re energy-efficient, have a measuring scale, and ideally shut off automatically with temperature control. 

This way, you will boil only what you need, to the temperature you need, and prevent wasting water by boiling it for an extended time.

2. Blender

It is more energy efficient to use a blender than a large food processor. Additionally, you can process your ingredients until they reach the consistency you desire.

Invest in an energy-efficient blender that stops when your ingredients are pureed enough to reduce energy consumption.

3. Toaster

A toaster with an overly long bread slot can waste energy if your bread does not fit. Make sure your toaster has a slot that is not too long and is energy-efficient.

If you have a large family or regularly make large batches of toast, we recommend toasters with only one or two bread slice slots. The toast can be scorched if it’s not heated to the right temperature.

4. Electric composter

Composters transform waste products into fantastic, usable products, saving you money and reducing our landfills’ waste.

Composters use electricity to transform food scraps into fertile soil. You can turn kitchen scraps into natural fertilizer for your garden or house plants by purchasing an electric composter.

5. Air fryer

You can’t go wrong with an air fryer as an eco-friendly appliance. Besides replacing multiple appliances in your house, such as a toaster and deep fryer, it can also replace your oven.

Preheating and cooking food in an oven consumes a lot of energy. The oven also raises your home’s temperature, which makes your air conditioner work harder to maintain the same temperature, wasting even more energy.

In many cases, air fryers don’t even require preheating, and when they do, it’s only a matter of minutes. 

Your air fryer allows you to bake cookies, fry vegetables, and even make desserts, such as lava cakes while using far less energy than your oven. 

Any kitchen would benefit from this versatile device. Make sure your air fryer is energy-efficient and big enough to feed you and your family without being overly large.

6. Induction stove

It can be difficult to choose between gas and electric stoves. Induction stoves are considered the most energy-efficient kitchen gadgets, so if you want a greener option, opt for one. 

By using electromagnetic induction technology, an induction stove produces heat by causing a current to flow within pots and utensils. 

Natural gas and electrical energy are saved since only utensils are needed to heat the food.

7. Dishwasher

This is one of the top sustainable kitchen appliances. Your household can become more eco-friendly with an energy-efficient dishwasher. If a dishwasher isn’t an efficient model, it can waste a lot of water.

A third-party label indicates that a dishwasher has been independently inspected and certified by the EPA committee for its efficiency and performance.

Below are some best practices:

  • Be sure to optimize your dishwasher’s use along with looking for eco-friendly models. 
  • Make sure your dishwasher is full before running it. 
  • Use a liquid dishwasher detergent instead of dishwasher detergent pods. 
  • Consider non-toxic, environmentally friendly dishwasher detergent pods if you intend to use them. 
  • Lastly, select a dishwasher cycle that skips or reduces the drying time. 

Dishwashers use much less energy than dryers for drying dishes. If you pull out your dishes, they will usually dry on their own or you can quickly dry them with a towel.

8. Refrigerators

A refrigerator is one of your home’s most energy-consuming appliances. The fridge is likely one of the biggest drains in your home if it isn’t an eco-friendly, energy-efficient model. If your home is already an energy-efficient haven, consider upgrading it first.

There are many smaller models available. If you organize your fridge well, you’ll have plenty of room for storage. 

Rather than purchasing a second, full-size refrigerator, downsize to one model or choose a small freezer or energy-efficient refrigerator to reduce your energy consumption.

9. Electric oven

Using your electric oven regularly can be a major energy consumer. The market is filled with electric ovens that promise better cooking while using less energy. 

Choose one with multiple cooking modes, consumes less energy, and has an efficient thermal management system to avoid stockpiling electrical appliances. 

Induction stoves are best used with electric ovens that also function as microwaves to maximize kitchen space and energy efficiency.

10. Frying pans

Our kitchen relies heavily on pots and pans. Almost every meal requires one of these. This also highlights the importance of getting a sustainable kitchen. 

Avoid Teflon pots and pans because they contain PFOA and PFC, which are known carcinogens and environmental pollutants. 

Eco-friendly alternatives to cast iron and stainless steel include stoneware, enamel-coated pots, and stainless steel pans.

Final Words

sustainable kitchen

We can reduce energy consumption and water usage in our homes by using energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly kitchen appliances.

As you work towards having sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen appliances, we hope our list helps you choose what appliances to consider next. It is possible to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint with little changes, like swapping your appliances for eco-friendly alternatives.

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